17 July 2016

Jb's fragrant rice

Basmati or long grain : 1 cup : 2 cups water or chicken/ vegetable stock
Oil, butter or ghee 1 tbs
Onion brown, 1 medium, thinly sliced
Dry spices :-
1-2 bay leaves
2 cloves whole
4 black peppercorns whole
1 black or 2 green cardamoms, crushed a bit
1/2 inch cinnamon
Red chilli powder or chopped green chillies (optional)

Green peas
Chopped cashew or almond (optional)
Sultanas (optional)

Pre-cooked  additions: (optional)
Cooked chicken/ meat, shredded, optional
Steamed/boiled veggies

Boiled eggs, optional
Coriander, chopped

Wash rice thoroughly, drain and allow to dry in colander for 30 mins-1 hour.
Heat ghee/oil/butter in rice pan/saucepan. Once hot, add dry spices and fry for a minute. Add onions and fry till slightly caramelised and soft. Add rice and with a slotted spoon - prevents grains from breaking - fry rice while stirring till all of it is coated with ghee and shiny (5 mins or so).

Add water/stock - (peas here if adding) - give one stir and bring to boil on high heat. As soon as it boils, turn down heat to lowest, cover with lid and cook for 20 mins exactly. Turn off

Add chicken and/or veggies, chuck coriander on top, decorate with boiled eggs and you're done.