27 April 2010

8 new dishes coming up soon

Left to right from top:
1. JB's simple green beans with fennel, very quick, very tasty.
JB's chola/chana daal - Split Bengal gram with coconut.
3. JB's mince, pea and potato delight, never-fail, quick and easy dish.
4. Chorchori or Bengali-style mixed vegetables (with puin shaag/Chinese spinach, pumpkin, raddish, eggplant and potatoes)
5. Apple streusel cake or light cake with beautiful Granny Smith apples and a delicious, crunchy hazelnut crumble. ('Joy of Baking', Stephanie Jaworski, website)
6. Chicken drumsticks with balsamic ('Maggie's Kitchen', Maggie Beer)
7. Sze Juen Jar Gai or fried chicken Szechuan-style ('The Complete Asian Cookbook', Charmaine Solomon)
8. Mughlai biryani ('The Complete Asian Cookbook', Charmaine Solomon)

For more pictures go to Roti & Roast.
All pictures copyright of Jhoomur Bose.


do bigha zameen said...

Hey, what about this :((

Eve* aka JB said...

Sigh..yes i remember that one. However, videos are really testing my patience. :) So first the basic simple recipes!